Smart City Industry Awards
12th October - Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bucharest - Romania

These terms and conditions have been modified on August the 29th, 2016.

Article 1 – Objectives and Organization
The 2016 Smart City Industry Awards are intended to discover, recognize and showcase innovative entrepreneurs and researchers who are creating the City of the Future. Innovation implies a pioneering technology, procedure or service that could be widely disseminated. The entrepreneurs and researchers with the most innovative, creative and impressive smart cities and urban mobility-related technologies and solutions will be selected by a high profile jury. The winners will be invited to the Smart City Industry Awards ceremony that will be held on the 12th of October, 2016 in Bucharest. The Smart City Industry Awards are organized by Muntenia Servicii Generale srl in collaboration with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Smart City projects (according to categories) can be submitted for consideration up to 5th of October, 2016.

Article 2 - Definition
The terms set out below have the following meanings:
Organizers: Muntenia Servicii Generale or Bucharest Business Breakfast
Competition: the “Smart City Industry Awards” competition organized by Muntenia Servicii Generale srl.

Article 3 – Applications and Eligibility
The following eligibility rules apply to this competition:
Applicants must be founders and/or directors of an independent company, start-up company, or developers of an entrepreneurial and/or research project that offers a solution to change life in cities for the better.
Nationality: all nationalities.
Ineligibility: jury members, experts called upon within the framework of this competition, as well as members of their immediate family (e.g. partners, siblings, cousins, etc.).
Each Applicant may only present one application.

Article 4 – Evaluation Criteria
A panel of judges will evaluate all applications based on:
The innovative nature and creativity of the proposed technology or service.
The project’s economic viability and its potential for job creation.
The applicant's potential to develop a project with a global impact and not just an impact within one area or industry.
The applicant’s motivation to scale his/her technology and create a greater impact.
The applicant's skills to confront and solve problems and develop real solutions from a fresh perspective.
The applicant's audacity, communication skills and continuous spirit of perseverance.

Article 5 – Documentation
Applicants must provide the following documentation via the official competition website ( prior to the 5th of October at 10.00 AM in order to take part in the 2016 Smart City Industry Awards:
-A Curriculum Vitae, maximum of 2 pages, preferably in English although Romanian will also be acceptable.
-A Project Description, maximum of 2 pages, preferably in English although Romanian will also be acceptable.
-A high resolution profile picture in .jpg or .png format
-A short (headline) description (200 to 400 characters) of the project:
In order for the application to be taken into account, the applicant must fill in all mandatory boxes in the registration form, including the short description, and validate the uploading of both files -Curriculum Vitae and Project Description- in their personal space before the 5th of October, 2016.
The online application form must be fully completed for consideration by the jury.
Incomplete application files are liable to be considered inadmissible in the eyes of the jury.
Please be aware that Applicants may be contacted by the Organizers for clarfication purposes or in the event of incomplete applications.
The final deadline for all applications (including the requisite documentation) for the 2016 edition of the Smart City Industry Awards is the 5th of October, 2016 at 10.00 AM.

Article 6 – Documentation Content
Applicants should follow the following instructions while providing the relevant documentation via the official Competition website
In the Curriculum Vitae, Applicants must highlight milestones, awards, educational and professional experience (maximum 2 pages, in PDF format).
In the Project Description, Applicants should explain their personal role in the creation of the company or project, explain why they feel their project should be considered for the awards, and detail their personal accomplishments, information relative to patents and successes.
They can include customer testimonials, diagrams, illustrations, studies, nancial components and all other information they feel is necessary in order to give a comprehensive view of their project or company ́s potential (maximum 2 pages, in PDF format).
In describing the project, it is essential that Applicants address the following considerations:
-What does your business idea entail, or what are you doing in order to carry out an entrepreneurial project?
-What precisely is your role?
-What is the problem that your project seeks to address?
-Why has it been difficult to solve this problem in the past?
-Is your project a new innovation?
-Is your project unique?
-How is it different from similar, existing projects?
-How will your project contribute to the betterment of society, generate employment, or improve quality of life?

All applications must be completed in English or Romanian.
In the event of technical problems, please email
The following naming convention must be used for all application files:
For the Curriculum Vitae: CV_ApplicantFirstName_ApplicantLastName.pdf
For the Project Description: Info_ApplicantFirstName_ApplicantLastName.pdf
These file names must not contain any special characters (%,*,€, etc.).

Article 7– Administrative follow-up of files
The Organizers will contact the Applicant via email to confirm that his/her candidacy is complete.
For all questions regarding the administrative follow-up process, please email:
In general, and regardless of the type of project, the Applicants must provide a comprehensive and honest description of the status of their project, particularly with regard to intellectual property.
Participation in the Competition also implies that all information provided, especially regarding the nationality and age criteria, is true and exact.
Any case of non-compliance may result in the exclusion of the Applicant.

Article 8 – Candidate Selection Awards Process
The Organizers will be responsible for the application process and candidacy confirmations, as well as all updates provided to Applicants throughout the various stages of the awards competition.
A jury comprised of subject matter experts will be responsible for reviewing the candidates and naming the winners.
Both winners and non-winners will be informed by email prior to the Smart City Industry Awards ceremony, which will be held in October 2016.
The results of the deliberations shall remain confidential until the official publication of the winners.

Article 9 – Awards
The Smart City Industry Awards do not include a monetary provision for winners.
They serve as recognition of the trajectory and potential of the most promising young people in the area of smart cities and urban mobility-related technologies and solutions. The great value of the awards lies in the visibility and international prestige that follows when Smart City Industry Awards, in collaboration with Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recognizes the winners as innovative leaders in their field of work.
Additionally, winners is posible to be invited to present their projects before an audience specially comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, academics, technologists, and business leaders during the awards presentation ceremony.

Article 10– Legal Obligations
Upon submitting projects, Applicants commit to the following:
•Providing the requisite information in good faith and responding to any request made by the Organizers.
•Adhering strictly to the Competition participation criteria.
Complying with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the project they submit to the jury and the competition commissions, particularly the provisions relating to tax law, labor law, intellectual and industrial property rights including trademarks, patents, copyright, and database rights, without this list being exhaustive. •Acknowledging that failure to provide the elements required for the examination of their application may result in the rejection of this application and that the Organizers will not be held liable.
The winners of the Smart City Industry Awards agree to:
•Indicate in all communications and declarations that they are Smart City Industry Awards winners.
•Provide all relevant information regarding the progress of their project at the request of Muntenia Servicii Generale srl surveys, until the fth consecutive year following the concession of the Smart City Industry Awards.

Article 11 – Advertising and Communication
The Applicants and winners authorize Muntenia Servicii Generale srl to:
Publish their full contact information and the non-con dential description of their project provided for the application process, within the framework of information and communication activities related to the Smart City Industry Awards.
This provision concerns all corporate and public communications and media materials: files, press releases, websites, video records.

Article 12 – Confidentiality
The members of the jury and all other persons having access to the files submitted within the framework of the Smart City Industry Awards are obligated to treat the information provided by the Applicants as confidential with the exception of elements necessary to communication related to the Competition.
The members of the jury having access to the files submitted within the framework of the Competition will sign a confidentiality agreement, in which they agree to treat all of the information relating to projects not selected as strictly confidential.

Article 13 – Disputes
The act of submitting their application implies the Applicants’ unqualified acceptance of the present regulations, with no possibility of complaint with regard to the results, which shall not be contested, given that the members of the jury are the supreme authorities and have no obligation to justify their decision.